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Using the TV's PVR/Recording Function

On some models of TV’s, you are able to record from Digital TV (Freeview in the UK and SAORVIEW in ROI) onto a USB Memory stick or External Hard Drive.

Please note that some low cost/older USB memory sticks are not capable to be recorded on correctly due to the hi speed that the TV writes to the USB memory device, therefore, we only sell ones we have tested and are confident that you will not experience any issues with.

When you have recorded to the USB device, you can access your recordings either by pressing the ‘REC list’ on the TV remote control or going into the source ‘USB Media’

You can only record from Freeview/Saorview. You are not able to record anything from another source/input. (Due to copyright laws)

You can only play back your recordings on the device that the recording was made on. (You cannot view your recordings for example on another TV or another device/laptop/tablet etc – This is due to copyright laws)

We have a range of competitively priced USB memory sticks here.

These are all fully tested, compatible (and fast enough!) & pre-formatted to work on your TV so you can simply insert them and start enjoying the Recording/PVR function straight away.

We accept the following methods of payment: We accept the following methods of payment

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