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Television Frequently Asked Questions - Smart TVs

We have set up this page to assist with most common queries in order to give you immediate support.

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I am unable to access all the functionality of Freeview Play
  • On demand material can be viewed via the on-demand players installed on the set or via the Freeview Play app.

    Live television is available via the built in Freeview tuner. This means that you will require both an aerial signal and an internet connection to ensure that you can access all the features and facilities of your Freeview Play television.

    Please be aware that availability of channels is subject to geographic location and coverage and to receive signals reliably an aerial upgrade may be required. To check for Freeview availability on your area, visit

    The minimum broadband speed required is 2Mbps for catch up and on demand services, although a faster speed is desirable. It is also important that there is a reliable Wi Fi signal when connecting to your router via this method. Watching on demand and catch up count towards monthly broadband data allowances. 7-day catch up for selected channels.
How do I connect my TV set to my router and input my password?
  • Your set should have been connected to the internet during the First Time Installation process. If this was not carried out, then follow the steps below to do this:

    1. Press the Menu button on the Remote Control.
    2. Use the left and right arrow buttons to select the "Network" menu and press "OK".
    3.Depending upon your connectivity, select either "Cable" or "Wi Fi". For the purpose of these instructions, Wi Fi should be chosen.
    4. Press OK on "Wi Fi Config" and again on "Wi Fi Auto Search" to search for available networks.

    When the search is complete, a list of Wi Fi networks which can be received by the set will be shown. Choose which network you want to connect to and press OK.

    If this network is locked, you will be asked to enter a password.
    A key pad should appear on the screen when you are in the password entry field.

    Use the Remote Control arrow buttons to select the character required and then press the "OK" button repeatedly to scroll from numeric to lowercase letters, and then finally, to uppercase letters. To move onto the next letter, wait for a few seconds before selecting.

    When the password has been entered, select the "Enter" button on the on screen keypad and press "OK" on the Remote Control.
    Now select the on screen "OK" button located underneath the password box.

    Provided that the password is correct, the set will take a few moments and connect to your Wi Fi network. Should a problem be experienced, re-enter the password. If you cannot connect to your Wi Fi service, but it is displayed in the list, you may have to reset your router, update the password on the router or discuss the issue with a network specialist.

    For more information on how to operate this function, follow the instructions contained in your User Guide or Quick Start Guide.
    If you have misplaced or lost your User Guide, a copy can be found by clicking here.

My television displays the message "out of memory"
  • When playing back a moving image using one of the internet connected applications it is possible that an "out of memory" message will appear.

    If this is not improved by reducing the quality of the video from within the web page then this could be due to the amount of data being delivered to the set. Try relocating your router closer to the set, or reset it.

How can I connect my Television wirelessly to my Laptop / Mobile / Tablet?
    Many of our Smart Televisions have a wireless connection system called Miracast.

    Miracast is a wireless display standard designed for mirroring a smartphone, tablet, or PC's screen to a television.
    (This is usually found on Android/Windows devices, for Apple devices you will need to purchase an 'Apple TV' device)

Using a Wireless/Connection
  • To use this function with your device on your television, please follow the steps outlined below:

    1. Press the Menu button on the Remote Control and select the "Application" menu.
    2. Move to the "Wireless Connection" icon and press the "OK" button on the Remote Control (This will bring up the Wireless Connection start page).
    3. Select the mirror option from your devices settings menu.
    (Note that the exact location and name of this feature may be different for some brands and models. If you are unsure please consult your mobile manufacturer.)
    4. Select your television.

    Your device and television will now link using Miracast depending on the technology in your device.


    Further to the methods of wireless connection described above, it is also possible to cast via In-app connectivity. This allows you to select files to playback within your application and then let the television play these back without connection to your device.

    1. Turn the Television on.
    2. Wait for the television to connect to your Wi Fi network.
    3. Open the YouTube application on your device and wait for the network connectivity icon to display.
    4. Go to the icon on your device and select your television.
    5. YouTube will open on the television.
    6. Select the stream on your device which you would like to be played back.

    YouTube on the television will playback the stream while you can browse other videos on your device. Additional videos can be added to your playlist if desired. It is possible to use other applications on your device, and turn off your device and YouTube on the television will continue to play.

Why does my TV come with two different Energy Rating labels?
    During the Brexit transition period, you will find two energy labels on some products as the same items can be sold in the Republic of Ireland which is part of the EU. The new labels also reflect the change in how electronic products are scaled in their power consumption. You can find further information from the official body linked here

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