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Domestic Appliance Frequently Asked Questions

We have set up this page to assist with most common queries in order to give you immediate support.

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My microwave is not working
  • To test to see if the microwave is operating, place a cup of water on the turntable and heat on the microwave function for one minute on full power. If the water gets hot, the microwave is working, if it does not the oven is faulty. If there is no power to your microwave, check the fuse in the plug.
My microwave keeps blowing the fuse box trip
  • Check to see which trip is blowing. If it is the main circuit breaker, then there is a fault with the microwave. If it is the Earth Current Trip (normally referred to as an RCD), then check to see what the rating is. Consult a qualified electrician to ensure that this rating is not too low.
My turntable coupling/support is melting
    This is normally caused by incorrect cooking utensils being used and causing hot areas on the glass turntable, which in turn melts the plastic parts. Refer to the Operating Instructions for the correct type of cooking utensils to use.
My door hooks are broken
  • Door hooks do not break under normal operating conditions and as such are not deemed to be a manufacturing defect. Please refer to a local microwave oven repairer if you require these to be replaced.
I would like to clean my oven
  • It is important to keep your oven clean, food deposits will recook and carbonise causing cavity and waveguide deterioration. To clean your oven, place half a lemon in a bowl, add 300 ml (1/2 pint) water and heat on 100% for 10 -12 minutes, then use a dry cloth to wipe down all surfaces.
My cabinet is getting hot
  • The outside of the cabinet will get hot, especially where the bulb is mounted.

The inside of my oven has hot spots.
  • If the oven is used empty, has uncleaned food deposits built up, incorrect utensils are used or the oven is mechanically distorted in some way, then there may be hot spots within the oven cavity. The cause of these must be found to ensure long term use of the oven.
My turntable does not rotate smoothly
    This may be due to food deposits building up under the turntable support or simply that the turntable has not been placed on the coupling or support correctly.
My turntable does not always rotate in the same direction.
  • As your oven uses an asynchronous motor, the turntable can rotate in either direction.
The paint is peeling off my oven.
  • Excessive build-up of moisture in an oven cavity can lead to paint peeling. Always wipe down the oven cavity after cooking. If objects are placed on top of the oven, over a period of time the surface will deteriorate due to localised heating; do not place objects on top of the oven.
My waveguide cover is damaged
    The waveguide cover needs to be kept clean and intact at all times. If it is missing, food particles will enter the magnetron causing overheating and failure. Lack of cleaning will lead to burning.
My grill is smoking
  • When using the grill for the first time it may emit smoke. It is recommended that the grill is turned on for a few minutes when new. The grill will also smoke during use if food is splattered onto it during the cooking process.
What cooking utensils should I use
    Various issues can be caused by using the incorrect utensils. Consult the Operation Manual for details on what and what not to use.
Can I extend my mains lead?
    Your mains lead CANNOT be extended, neither can extension cables be used. This is because a microwave oven is a high current device and any weak link in the mains supply chain can potentially overheat causing a safety hazard. In addition, the mains plug should not be removed and replaced with a none approved type.
Why is the power rating of my microwave more than that on the label?
    Microwaves will draw more power from the mains supply than the related output power due to the way the energy conversion circuit inside the oven works. The rating on the oven will be correct for your microwave.
When heating food, the container gets hot
    Make sure that the utensils being used in your oven are microwave safe, refer to the list in your Operation Manual.

    If your enquiry is not related to any of the above topics or the solution offered does not answer your enquiry, please click here to complete the feedback form. You will be asked to supply the make, model and serial number before we can reply.

Water is coming out of my oven
    The oven cavity will normally be cooler than the food being cooked, and so steam produced when cooking will condense on the cooler surface. The amount of steam produced depends on the water content of the food being cooked. Some foods, such as potatoes, have a high moisture content. Any condensation trapped in the door should clear after a few hours.
A draught circulates around the door
    When the oven is working, air circulates within the cavity. As the door does not form an airtight seal, air may escape from the door.
My oven is flashing/arcing/burning
    Arcing/burning will happen if the oven is not clean. If food debris are allowed to build up they will cook repeatedly and then carbonize, leading to damage of the oven waveguide, cavity and utensils. It is important to keep the oven clean, ensure that all surfaces are wiped down after use with a soft cloth after use and any spills, splatters or splashes are cleaned up as soon as they occur. Make sure that if any food, oil, grease, etc. which builds up on the waveguide cover is removed. The waveguide cover is used to ensure that food debris do not contaminate the internal workings of the oven, it is also where the microwave energy is strongest, so if not kept clean it will deteriorate quickly leading to burning and arcing.   UMC can supply replacement waveguide covers if required.

    Arcing will also occur when a metallic object comes into close proximity to the oven cavity during cooking. This may possibly roughen the surface of the cavity, but would not otherwise damage the oven if the issue is rectified immediately. Repeated arcing over a period of time will result in permanent damage.

    Arcing potatoes: ensure all “eyes” are removed from the potatoes and that if more than one potato is being cooked that they are all of a similar size.

My oven is cooking too slowly
    Ensure correct power level has been selected.
My oven makes a noise
    As the microwave energy pulses on and off during cooking/defrosting it generates a magnetic field which caused the cabinet to resonate. This is normal.
My food is not cooking evenly
    Your oven generates cooking energy in a fixed pattern and this is why a turntable is used to rotate the food. If the turntable stops or rotates erratically, uneven cooking and hot spots in the food can occur. Ensure that the turntable is used whenever cooking and that its rotation is regular.
I need an Operation Manual for my Sharp Oven
Is my oven leaking energy?
    As the microwave energy pulses on and off during cooking/defrosting it generates a magnetic field which caused the cabinet to resonate. This is normal.
Can I use my oven if I have a pacemaker fitted?
    Individuals with pacemakers should check with their doctor or the manufacturer of the pacemaker for precautions regarding microwave ovens.

My microwave bleeps
    If your electronic Microwave is not used for a period of 5 minutes (and the door is closed) the safety lock will automatically activate, this is associated with a double bleep being heard when the oven enters the lock mode. To activate the buttons again, simply open the door, close and the keypad will become active. This is a safety feature and cannot be disabled.
    It is possible that condensation can build up on surfaces of your oven due to the moisture content of the food being cooked and the ambient air/oven surface temperature. This is normal. It is recommended that after cooking, any build-up of condensation is removed by wiping with a soft, absorbent cloth.

    In some cases, moisture can build up inside the door and cannot be wiped away. Depending on the temperature of the environment this moisture should disappear in a few hours. Note in some cases staining can occur due to the water containing other substances. These residues will not cause any operational issues with your oven.

If your enquiry is not related to any of the above topics or the solution offered does not answer your enquiry, please click here to complete the feedback form. You will be asked to supply the make, model and serial number before we can reply.

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