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Audio Frequently Asked Questions

We have set up this page to assist with most common queries in order to give you immediate support.

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My audio unit is not working
  • If there is no power to your audio unit check the fuse in the plug. Ensure that the correct source is selected and that the volume is turned up and not muted.

I am unable to receive radio stations or radio station reception is poor
  • Ensure that the unit is located in a suitable area to receive radio signals and that the aerial is installed correctly.

I need an Operation Manual for my Sharp Audio unit
How do I connect my Audio device to my television, phone, table, laptop, etc.?
  • When connecting Sharp Soundbars to various audio sources such as a television set, phone, tablet, laptop, etc. there are number of ways in which this can be achieved. Connectivity will depend upon the soundbar type and functionality.
  • Analogue - The soundbar will either have a 3.5mm stereo jack plug or left and right phono connectors. For these types of inputs, it is necessary to connect to the analogue output of the source with the correct type of cable. If connected to the headphone output, the volume level of the soundbar output will be dependent on both the television volume setting as well as the soundbar's.

  • Digital - This can be optical or coaxial (if fitted). If there is no sound from the soundbar when on this input, make sure that the television digital output is set to PCM. This can be configured in the set's menu.

  • HDMI - For direct connection to the televisions HDMI ARC output. For this to work, the television must have ARC turned on, to ensure that the soundbar turns on when the set comes out of standby, CEC also needs to be enabled. Go into the settings of the television to do this. When using ARC and CEC is turned on the sound will mute on the television and control of the volume level on the sound bar controlled by the television remote control.

  • Bluetooth - Digital wireless communication method. Source needs to be paired with the soundbar.

My system is suffering from erratic issues
  • If subjected to strong external interference (mechanical shock, excessive static electricity, abnormal supply voltage due to lightning, etc.) or if it is operated incorrectly, it may malfunction. If such a problem occurs, carry out the following:

  • 1. Set the unit to the stand-by mode and turn the power on again.

  • 2. If the unit is not restored in the previous operation, unplug and plug in the unit, and then turn the power on.

I am connected to the digital input on my audio product, but there is no sound
  • Ensure that the output from your source device is set to PCM. For most televisions this can be carried out from the sound menu.

My Bluetooth device does not connect to my audio unit
  • Ensure that your Bluetooth input source is paired with the audio product as advised in the Operating Instructions.

I would like to control my audio system with my Sky remote control
  • Currently there are no Sky remote control codes for use with Sharp audio products.

CD's skip and jump
  • Ensure that the CD is clean and has no scratches on its surface.

My internet radio takes a while to find a station.
  • Ensure that your audio system is within your WI Fi network range. It is possible that when the radio starts up that there will be a short delay while your radio locates the station URL.

When connected via the headphone jack on my set I do not hear anything but the volume of the
sound bar has been turned up

    Make sure that the sound level on the television is turned up. The volume level of the headphone output on your set will determine the sound level from your sound bar. Do not turn this up too loud as it may result in distortion at higher volume levels.

When connected at HDMI ARC, the volume control on my set is not working
  • Ensure that CEC is enabled on your television set. Go to the sets internal menu to set CEC on, once this is turned on changing volume using the television remote control will adjust the volume on the sound bar.
My set and audio system are not working correctly after connecting at HDMI

    Whenever connection devices using HDMI, ensure that both devices are turned off. When connecting and the devices are on, data corruption can occur leading to unpredictable conditions. If this has happened, unplug both devices from the mains, reconnect then power up again.


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