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Air Purifier Frequently Asked Questions

We have set up this page to assist with most common queries in order to give you immediate support.

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Odours and smoke are not removed from the air being circulated through the Air Purifier
  • Clean or replace the filters if they appear to be heavily soiled.

The Dust/Odour Monitor lights up green even when the air is impure
  • The air could be impure at the time the unit was plugged in. Unplug the unit, wait one minute, and plug the unit in again.

The Dust/Odour Monitor lights up orange or red even when the air is clean
  • Sensor operation is affected if the dust sensor openings are dirty or clogged. Gently clean the dust sensors.

A clicking or ticking sound is heard from the unit
  • Clicking or ticking sounds may be audible when the unit is generating ions, this is normal.

The discharged air has an odour (it smells)
  • Check to see if the filters are heavily soiled.
    Clean or replace the filters.
    Plasma cluster Air Purifiers emit small traces of ozone which may produce an odour, this is normal.

The unit does not operate when cigarette smoke is in the air
  • Is the unit installed in a location that is difficult for sensor to detect cigarette smoke? Are the dust sensor openings blocked or clogged? If this is the case, clean the openings.

Filter Indicator Light is illuminated
  • This means that the filters require changing. After replacing the filters, connect the mains supply and press the Filter Reset Button.

The Dust/Odour Monitor are turned off
  • Check to see if the Lights OFF Mode selected. If so, then press the Lights Control Button to activate the indicator lights.

The Water Supply Indicator Light does not illuminate when the tank is empty
  • Check the Styrofoam float for impurities.
    Clean the Humidifying Tray.
    Ensure unit is located on a level surface.

Water lever in the tank does not decrease or decreases slowly.
  • Check to see if the Humidifying Tray and Water Tank are correctly installed.
    Check the Humidifying Filter.
    Clean or replace the filter when it is heavily soiled.

The Dust/Odour Monitor lights change colour frequently
  • The Front Monitor lights will automatically change colour as impurities are detected by the dust sensor and odour sensor. This is normal.

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